Special orders

One of the reasons we do what we do is to help our customers to get the products they want easily and quickly. As a small business we can’t stock every product you want but we can help you get them. We offer our customers the ability to special order products from a range of brands they want through us easily.

How do I get products I want that Sweet As Pup doesn’t sell?

  1. Email us at info@sweetaspup.com or DM us on Instagram or Facebook with the products that you want and your name, email, and address
  2. We’ll email you an invoice for you to pay by credit card, Laybuy, or Afterpay.
  3. We’ll order your products and if your product is delayed during shipping from the supplier to us we’ll email you to update you as to where it’s at.
  4. When we’ve received your products, we’ll send these to you and you’ll get a shipping notification email from us.

When can I make a special order?

Special orders go in the first week of every month (with the exception of Sassy Woof which go in at random times approximately every 6 weeks).

What brands can I choose from?

You can order from any of the brands we stock and more! We can often access brands that we don’t stock in our store so if you’re looking for a particular brand or product, just ask us.

Can I order sale products from a brand?

Yes, we can often bring in sale goods for you if we are bringing in other products from that brand, however we may charge you an extra shipping fee to ensure we cover our costs.

How much do special order products cost? 

Each product costs a retail price on the brand’s website. We often need to convert currencies and add a dollar or two to contribute to our importing and shipping fees. Get in touch with us and we can give you the price for particular products that you’re interested in. Shipping fees are Sweet As Pup standard shipping fees - $5 or free for orders of $100 and over.

How long do special order products take to arrive?

Most orders take 1-2 weeks to arrive at Sweet As Pup, and are then shipped on to you. Sassy Woof orders can take up to 6 weeks to arrive at Sweet As Pup but are worth the wait!

How do I pay for a special order?

When we email you an invoice for payment, you can choose to pay by credit card, Afterpay, or Laybuy. As we don't stock special order items in our store, these orders must be paid for before we order from our suppliers. We’ll let you know when we invoice you what date payment needs to be received by.

Can I use a Sweet As Pup discount code on my special order?

Because of the work, importing costs, and shipping costs that we incur for special orders, we don’t accept discount codes on these. However we can accept Sweet As Pup gift vouchers. 

How can I contact you to find a product for me?

Email us at info@sweetaspup.com or DM us on Instagram or Facebook with the products that you want and your name, email, and address.

What our customers are saying about Sweet As Pup special orders…

“I love that you offer so many brands in one place, including Kiwi brands and international brands. It makes it easy for me to get everything I want and only pay for shipping once.”

“I enjoy the small business service and communication. I like being able to message Sweet As Pup when something isn’t on the website or when i’m looking for something I can’t find. You’re always happy to try to find it for me which makes it easy for me”.