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Will you marry me (and my dog)?

Will you marry me (and my dog)?

Your dog is part of the family so they should be part of your big day, but it’s important to find a way to involve them that they are comfortable with whether that means attending the ceremony, partying it up at the reception, or being part of the wedding in different ways.

How do I know if a wedding environment is right for my dog?

Weddings can be busy, noisy, and overwhelming if your dog isn’t used to crowds or strangers. If your dog gets excited, anxious or aggressive around people, being up the front of the ceremony is probably not the right place for them. Another factor in ceremonies is they require sitting and/or standing still! You'll need to consider whether your dog is able to relax enough to sit or stand still for periods of time. 

Are dogs allowed at wedding venues?

Some wedding venues are dog friendly, but it definitely pays to ask before you begin your planning. Venues have different rules when it comes to dogs, such as not being allowed in certain areas. That manicured lawn doesn’t have any pee burns in the grass for a reason! Ask questions like where they can go to the toilet and eat, as well as if there’s space somewhere for them to take a break from the action. 

Are any of my guests allergic to dogs or do they have a phobia of dogs?

Unfortunately some humans have been cursed with an allergy to dogs. Also sadly some humans have had bad experiences with dogs. Take the time to consider if any of your human guests have these issues and if your involvement with your dog in your wedding will impact them. For example, if your wedding is taking place outside, a human with a dog allergy may not be affected, but you might want to seat your dog away from them or a guest with a dog phobia to avoid any issues. You may also want to have a conversation with those guests before the big day so they know what to expect.

Who will look after my dog?

Whether you’re the bride or groom, you’re likely to be a little busy on your wedding day so your dog will need a minder. Sometimes it’s hard to have the other people in your life who are close to your dog to mind them on the big day, as they’ll want to be focused on your big day too. Fortunately there are some cool businesses that will look after your dog for you! Pawsome Weddings is a cool service for this in Christchurch but there are others also available around New Zealand. 

What will my dog wear?!

This is the most important question! We have just launched our wedding collection and if your pup is attending a wedding they need to be dressed for the occasion just like the bride, groom, and human guests. Whether it's a simple add on like a collar flower or bow or a velvet harness and lead set, our wedding collection has a range of accessories so you can tick the dog's outfit off the to do list.

We have more helpful wedding blogs coming soon including things to consider on the day and how to involve your dog if they can’t attend your wedding. Keep an eye on The Weekly Bark as well as The Little Hire Company blog where we have a guest blog coming soon. Check The Little Hire Company out for your event and furniture hire needs in Christchurch and the South Island. They’ve helped us with several events and are amazing at what they do!

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