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Next level kindness - Why we support dog charities

Next level kindness - Why we support dog charities

I’ve always liked to do my part supporting charities. Usually I donate to charities for people with cancer as having a personal experience with a cause makes you more passionate about a charity. Never have I been so passionate about helping a charity since I got a dog from a rescue.

In late 2021 we contacted NZ Chihuahua Rescue Trust about a dog they had for adoption called Mac. He was a 12 year old easy going boy that we liked the sound of so he came around for a visit. I had a connection with Mac instantly! He was friendly, liked to cuddle, and I just felt a special bond with the little man. Unfortunately he did not like my dog Ruby. The Labrador was a little too big to be a flatmate for the pint size pooch. Having met such an amazing dog I didn’t want to let him go and I suggested that he’d be a great companion for my mum aka Nana Cathy.

Nana Cathy had previously owned cats, but for the past two years she’d been living on her own. She missed having a pet, and really enjoyed her visits to see my pets. We arranged a meet and greet for Nana Cathy and Mac, and he was so at home chilling out on her lap or going for a little walk. The effect that Mac has made on her life has been huge. She has some health issues so needs to get out walking, and now that she has Mac to take out for walks she’s never home! Her and Mac go walking several times a day to the local park and cafes.

Mac has also made an impact on our wider family. He comes to visit me almost every single day and often I will babysit him when Nana Cathy is out at her volunteer work. Matt also enjoys Mac’s company and there’s nothing more sweet than seeing this massive 6 ft 2 guy cuddling a tiny chihuahua. Even my Aunty who doesn’t like dogs loves Mac! He is such a special little guy that has the ability to change people's perceptions about dogs and chihuahuas.

Mac is 12 years old now and we wonder how long we will have left with him. We are grateful to even have a year with such an amazing little guy, and we hope for so many more. I can’t imagine him not being part of our family now, and that’s the one thing that dog rescues do that we don’t think about. Yes, dogs get a home, but the humans who adopt them get a new family member that can transform their lives. That can be companionship sitting on the couch, a running buddy to get fit with, or someone to play with. This has changed the way I see dog rescues and why I am so incredibly grateful to them for changing people’s lives so selflessly.

Many dog charities do it with very little funding and the help of volunteers. I have been given the gift of two amazing dogs who changed my life, so the least I can do is help other dogs and families. To start the year we are doing a charity to 2 charities who will receive a massive prize pack from us. Why? Because we have the ability to help these charities and it’s the right thing to do. We have been so blessed with our dogs Mac and Ruby. If we can help another Mac find his forever home, I’m glad we can give that dog and family the special gift we have received.

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