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The best Christmas with your dog

The best Christmas with your dog

Christmas time brings joy and creates happy memories for all who partake in the typical festivities. The last thing anyone would want is some mishaps that can happen to our four-legged friends during holiday events at home. Keeping your dog safe and happy this Christmas can be easy if you take some simple precautions before any holiday-related events; whether it be a party at home or an event elsewhere that welcomes your pup. 

The Christmas feast

If you own a dog, you’re probably aware that most of them will eat or drink just about anything. At the very least they’ll have a taste to see if they’d like it. As harmless as this may seem, it can be an extremely dangerous situation for dogs. Human foods and drinks (even many types of whole foods) are not good for dogs and can be toxic. Chocolate for instance can be incredibly dangerous for your pup. Be careful and responsible for how food and drink are handled in areas that your dogs will be during Christmas celebrations.

There are some things out there that are fine for dogs and can help you to feel like you’ve included them in the festivities rather than just saying no to everything. There are treats that you can give them like Tu Meke Friend venison chews, and if you’re inclined, you can have a beer with your dog too!

Mind the heat!

While our friends on the other size of the world need to make sure their dogs don't freeze, we get to enjoy the heat at Christmas. If you’re hot, your dog’s even hotter. Hydration is key, air conditioning whenever possible is huge, and an occasional drenching can be helpful as well. We have some more helpful tips in our blog here.

One idea is to get your hands on a cooling dog bandana. You can find one that will go well with your dog, will be the right size, and will keep your pup cool with some dampening.

Have some fun - burn some energy!

The majority of dogs are full of energy! Try to exert some of that before guests arrive. Consider what your dog usually likes to do to get their energy out, whether that’s a walk or a game of fetch. Making sure your dog gets this activity will help to tire them out so they are more relaxed for the event.

Decorations and presents

Be aware of what you’re putting on the tree for ornaments, and what might happen should your dog decide to get into the presents after Santa comes. Place safe ornaments on the low-lying branches of a tree, preferably made of things that won’t shatter or break and become sharp (also large enough to not be swallowed).

Also, if you don’t think your dog will stay out of the presents, don’t allow it to prove you right.

Final thoughts

The holidays are an unfortunate time to get a little lax about what’s going on around your dog. But with a little attention, you can save yourself some heartache, and with some of the doggie treats and accessories from Sweet As Pup, you can include your pup in the festivities in the most fun way.

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