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Puppy essentials

Puppy essentials

Ah, the joys of bringing home a new puppy! But let's be real, those first few weeks can be a whirlwind of excitement, messes, and a whole lot of learning. As someone who's navigated puppyhood twice before, let me share some insider tips and must-have items you need for your puppy.

Training treats

Training your new dog is all about positive reinforcement, and what better way to reward good behaviour than with tasty treats? Every good behaviour should be treated. You peed outside? Yay! You did a sit when I asked? Yay! You're hearing a loud noise and I want you to know there's nothing to be afraid of? Treat treat treat. Tumeke Friend gourmet beef treats are the perfect size for training and dogs LOVE them.

Level up - A treat pouch ensures you have treats handy during those impromptu training moments, like when they go to the toilet outside instead of inside!

A solid bowl

When it comes to food and water bowls, plastic just won't cut it. Puppies are notorious chewers, and a flimsy plastic bowl is no match for those sharp little teeth. Instead, opt for something sturdier like metal or ceramic. A metal bowl is durable and easy to clean, making it perfect for busy puppy parents. Your pup will appreciate having a reliable and stable bowl for their meals.

Level up - If you're a bit boujee, a ceramic bowl adds a touch of elegance to your pup's dining experience and is less likely to tip over during mealtime. 

Toys, toys, toys

Puppies need plenty of mental and physical stimulation to keep them entertained and out of trouble. However, their sharp puppy teeth can make short work of many toys, so it's essential to have a variety on hand. Look for toys made from durable materials like rubber that can withstand those sharp little teeth, and be sure to supervise playtime prevent any accidental ingestion of stuffing. Rotate your puppy's toys regularly to keep them interested and prevent boredom.

Level up - A burrow is so much fun for your pup to interact with! They can dig and retrieve the toys inside, and then play with them too!

A harness or collar

It's important to get your dog used to wearing a collar or harness for walks. If your pup is prone to leash chewing, opt for a harness with a back clip to minimise temptation. When we got our first puppy a harness, they had to be pulled over a dog's head - it was a challenge! But now, we have discovered and stock a number of harnesses that have a clip around the neck so there's no wrestling to get that head through.

Level up - Some harnesses even come with a handle which is great trying to keep your puppy in one place!


Puppies are adorable, but they can also be smelly little creatures. Whether it's rolling in the mud or walking through their number ones and twos, they have a knack for getting dirty so you need a quick solution to clean them up. Simply spray some micellar spritz it on a cloth and give your pup a quick wipe-down to keep them smelling fresh. It's gentle enough to use around eyes and bottoms too. Trust me, your nose will thank you.

Level up - If it's an extra smelly day, add some drops of dog shampoo to a bowl of water and dip your cloth in to wipe them down. 

While the first few weeks of puppy parenthood may feel overwhelming at times, remember that it's all part of the journey. With the right essentials and a whole lot of love and patience, you'll be well-equipped to handle whatever puppyhood throws your way. So take a deep breath, enjoy the cuddles and chaos, and embrace the adventure of raising your dog.

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