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Enrichment feeders for dogs

Enrichment feeders for dogs

Mealtime is not just about nourishing your dog's body but also providing an opportunity for mental stimulation and engagement. There are some innovative feeding tools available that can turn your dog's mealtime into a fun and engaging experience while promoting healthy eating habits.

Planet Dog Snoop

The Planet Dog Snoop is a treat-dispensing toy that challenges your dog's problem-solving skills. Its unique shape and internal design make it an exciting puzzle for your dog to navigate. Key features include:

  • Durable construction: Made from non-toxic, recyclable material for long-lasting use.
  • Adjustable difficulty: You can change the challenge level by adding a Planet Dog nook to make the food inside more difficult to get to.
  • Slow feeding: Encourages slower eating, preventing gulping and promoting better digestion.

West Paw Toppl and Rumbl

The West Paw Toppl and Rumbl are interactive treat toys that provide mental stimulation and entertainment for your dog. The Toppl in particular has a unique design that allows it to be interconnected to another Toppl for added fun. Here's what makes them special:

  • Iceblocks for hot days: Both the Toppl and Rumbl can be filled with wet food or water added, then frozen. This makes for a delicious iceblock on a hot day and is even more of a challenge for your dog which helps extend playtime.
  • Treat dispensing: Fill the toys with your dog's favourite treats or kibble, and let them work to retrieve the rewards.
  • Engaging texture: Both Toppl and Rumbl are made of tough but soft material that massages gums and provides sensory stimulation.

West Paw Qwizl

Additionally, another fantastic enrichment feeder option from West Paw is the Qwizl. This durable and interactive toy is designed to hold treats or kibble securely, providing a challenging and engaging experience for your dog. It features:

  • The Qwizl's unique design features a side opening that allows you to insert different types of treats or spreadable treats like peanut butter. Your dog will have to work and manoeuvre the toy to access the hidden rewards, keeping them mentally stimulated and entertained.
  • Made from West Paw's signature Zogoflex material, the Qwizl is tough and built to withstand heavy chewing, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment for your furry friend.
  • Insert peanut butter or wet food and freeze the Qwizl to make it even more challenging

    Incorporating enrichment feeders like the Snoop, Toppl, Rumbl and slow feeder bowls can transform your dog's mealtime into a mentally stimulating and enjoyable experience. These innovative tools promote healthy eating habits, prevent boredom, and provide an outlet for natural instincts. Enjoy mealtime enrichment and watch your dog thrive both physically and mentally!

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