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Autumn safety tips for dogs

Autumn safety tips for dogs

As autumn is in full swing with bright colours and cooler temperatures, it's important to think of how this season affects your dog. Here are some fall safety tips you may or may not know about.

Watch out for toxic plants

While the red, orange, and yellow colours are stunning, some plants can spell trouble for your dog if ingested. Keep a lookout for mushrooms, acorns, grapes, and other plants which can be harmful if nibbled on. Consider fencing off areas where these plants grow to prevent your canines from exploring them.

Prepare for weather changes

Autumn weather can be unpredictable, with chilly mornings and hot, sunny days. We know how tough it is as humans to dress at this time of year! Make sure your pup is equipped with appropriate gear such as a jacket to keep them warm. Additionally, be sure to provide them with a cosy, indoor spot on cooler days. 

Shield paw pads from harsh surfaces

As temperatures drop, footpaths can become cold and abrasive, potentially causing discomfort to your dog's paw pads. On chilly or icy days after walks consider cleaning your dog's cold and dirty paws with a micellar spray, and applying paw balm to soothe and hydrate the paws if needed. 

Stay visible

With the days growing shorter, it's essential to keep your dog visible during walks at early morning or evening. Consider using reflective gear, such as a reflective harness, to make your pup more visible to drivers and other pedestrians.

By keeping these safety measures in mind you can ensure that your dog enjoys fun, autumn adventures with you. 

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