Zee.Dog NeoPro collar - tangerine [limited edition]

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The limited edition ZeeDog NeoPro collar in tangerine is waterproof, making it perfect for swimming, beach adventures, and everyday fun! This new collar was built with a NeoPro rubber overlay that protects the polyester, making it extremely weather proof and super easy to clean and maintain. It's also soft enough on your dog's fur. The buckle has a 4 point locking system and the collar can be fully adjusted to fit your dog's neck. 


Size Small
Width 1cm - circumference 23-33cm

Size Medium
Width 1.5cm - circumference 31-43cm

Size Large
Width 2.5cm - circumference 45-70cm

What customers are saying...

"We bought the NeoPro collar because we live at the beach. Daily walks along the beach used to make our dog's collar rings rust very quickly. The plastic on this one lasts and hasn't rusted!"

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