Clueless bandana

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Out and about without a bandana?! Ugh, as if! Throwing back to the 90s cult classic Clueless, the Wolves of Wellington bandana in clueless is a must have for all wardrobes. This is a single layer triangular design - simply wrap around your pup's neck and tie! These dog bandanas are made with wrinkle free lightweight mesh material. Soak your bandana in cold water and throw it in the freezer to make it a cooling bandana!

What customers are saying...

"Love this bandana. Will definitely purchase again!"

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This bandana comes in two sizes:

Small - 35cm
Large - 50cm

Please note these are the full width measurements and you will need to allow a few centimetres either side to tie the bandana.

Care instructions

To clean, hand wash with cold water and neutral soap. Do not machine wash or tumble dry.