Squeak ball - 2 colours

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The Planet Dog Orbee Tuff Squeak ball features a unique, patent-pending squeaker that contains no adhesives or glues, making it 100% non-toxic. Best of all... the squeaker is built in the toy so it can't be taken out!


The ball has a 7.5cm diameter.

What customers are saying...

"My dog is a very strong chewer. He loves these squeak toys which are his favourite. I have spent hundreds of dollars trying to find him a toy that squeaks that he can't destroy within the first half hour of playing with it. Finally! We found one! It is his favourite toy by far and we've had it for some time now and haven't had any issues. This is worth every penny!"

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Remember no dog toy is indestructible. Toys should be inspected regularly and not left with any dog unattended. If damage occurs, replace toy immediately.