Sir Barney Pacman bow

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Our friend Sir Barnabus the Corgi (Instagram @sirbarnabusthecorgi) loves a wander and his Mum loves to add video game soundtracks to his videos! So we had to name this pacman design after him.

These stylish bows from Jewel Designs are a show stopper, fashionable and lightweight; your pup won’t even notice they have it on.

These bows are thick, sturdy, and made with high quality materials that allow it to indefinitely keep its shape. They feature double elastic bands on the back to easily slide them on and off your pup’s collar.

Each bow is handmade which means each bow is unique, incorporating different parts of the fabric.

Other accessories?

This bow print is also available in a hair scrunchie.


Small – roughly width 9cm x height 5.5cm
Medium – roughly width 11cm x height 7cm
Large – roughly width 13cm x height 8.5cm