Premium car headrest restraint - camouflage

Premium car headrest restraint - camouflage

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Keep your dog safe and secure when you're in the car with the Big and Little Dogs premium car headrest restraint in camouflage.

This car restraint is designed to be used with your car's headrest, instead of the traditional seatbelt buckle and fits all car models with headrests. It's quick and easy to install and adjustable in length.

This restraint is multi-functional as it can be used as a shorter leash or as a cafe leash (as it can easily be unclipped and clipped around a cafe table or pole). It features dual sided polyester webbing strap for durability and a heavy duty swivel snap clip for attaching to your harness' d-ring.


  • 2.5cm wide
  • Adjustable length of 50cm-82cm

What customers are saying...

"I have an 80kg Great Dane and standard car restraints are never big enough for him. This is absolutely perfect. He can sit comfortable and I’m never worried that he’ll be tangled and uncomfortable."

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This product has limited abilities to save a pup in case of car accidents. It is primarily intended to keep the dog away from the driver, and save him or her from injuries with sudden stops and changes of direction of the car. This product may not prevent injury in the event of an accident. Do not use this restraint if damaged. Only attach a car restraint to a dog's harness - do not attach a car restraint to a dog's collar.