Monster mash face mask

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I was working in the lab, late one night, when my eyes beheld an eerie sight... and it was the Sweet As Pup x Bandana Bitches monster mash face mask! We are delighted to collaborate with Bandana Bitches on our Halloween collection.

This face mask features a print of all of your favourite halloween monsters including ghost, dracula, jack o lantern pumpkin, frankenstein, witch, and bat. Each face mask is lined with a coloured fabric that complements the colours in the rest of the mask.

Each face mask is handmade which means each one is unique, incorporating different parts of the fabric.

Get in quick, these will catch on in a flash...

Check out...

The matching dog bandana so you can match your pup in the most spooktacular way!


These face masks come in two sizes and measurements from nose to chin are below:

Ladies - 13cm

Mens - 14.5cm


Designed by a New Zealand company and printed by OEKO-Tex certified printers, this is a high quality fabric made to the high standard that you deserve.