Oh My Fluffy Dog fantastic fern-a bandana

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It's what you have all been waiting for, (and needing, without realising), in your lives! Canvas bandanas!

That's right. Oh My Fluffy Dog presents to you, the highly anticipated and much sought after; canvas bandana to rock on all your adventures from now till forever. Featuring:

  • Canvas material so that it keeps its shape rain, hail, or snow.
  • The OMFD letters are white embroidered so they may not stay pristine if you really push your bandana to the limit. That being said, the rest of the colours will pop regardless!
  • Bandanas are a 'button' closure so although they are strong, they are not pull/play fight proof and may be ripped off with some force.
  • Each and every bandana is different due to the way they were cut from the same piece of giant fabric. This means that your bandana will be like no other! Unique and special right?!


Breeds in italics are a rough idea - please double check against the neck measurements to be safe.

  • Xtra small - 9 - 13" e.g. pomeranian, chihuahua, papillon, fox terriers, pugs, bichons, borzoi
  • Small - 12 - 17" e.g. spitz, staffies, frenchies,
  • Medium - 16 - 22" e.g. shepherds, huskies, collies, retrievers, labradors
  • Large - 21 - 27" e.g. mastiffs, great danes, maremma sheepdogs, bernese mountain dog