Car restraint - cow print

Car restraint - cow print

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Sweet As Pup has a limited release of these stylish car restraints. These car tethers are a must for your pup to have to look good on every adventure out and about in the car! They plug into the seatbelt holder just like a seatbelt.


At its smallest the tether is roughly 28cm and at its largest it is roughly 48cm, however products may slightly vary as they are handmade.


This product has limited abilities to save a pup in case of car accidents. It is primarily intended to keep the dog away from the driver, and save him or her from injuries with sudden stops and changes of direction of the car. This product may not prevent injury in the event of an accident. Do not use tethers if damaged. Only use this product with a harness - do not use with a collar.

Care instructions 

As the car tethers are handmade, we advise hand washing or soaking all of our accessories in luke warm or cold water, no hotter than 40-45 degrees celsius.

Washing your pooches threads in the washing machine that have metal hardware will damage your machine, may lead to tearing of fabric or thread, creasing the fabric and fading.

We suggest after hand washing to lay your accessories flat or hang them to dry. For best results after hand washing, spray with iron starch and iron on medium heat.